Hi and welcome to my website, book / detecting gear shop and treasure finds pages. 

My name is Gary Drayton, TV metal detecting expert and treasure hunting book author located in sunny south Florida USA. 
I am originally from Grimsby Lincolnshire in the UK, where my hobby was "Mud larking" searching for old bottles and clay pipes on river banks before getting into metal detecting. 
The eyes only site reading skill's I learned, have helped me to become an expert beach and water hunter, always ready to take advantage of any land, beach or water hunting situation. 
My "Outside the box" approach to metal detecting, means I am
constantly changing search techniques and trying new sites, but always relying on my basic site reading and metal detecting technique to find treasure. 
You will find my unique beach and water hunting methods and search techniques in my beach and water hunting related treasure hunting books.
I also have a youtube channel where I post cool beach and water hunting videos, check out my Gary Drayton channel and subscribe today. 
Over the years I have recovered some pretty awesome stuff using a metal detector and earned the reputation of being a finds man, something I am quite proud of. 
The hobby has been good to me and I love helping other people enjoy the thrill of holding a piece of detected treasure in their hand.
I offer metal detecting lessons and I am available for lectures and if you want something found with a metal detector who better to find it? 
If you would like to book a lesson or have me attend an event please email me and I will forward my rate. 

Email 1715hunter@bellsouth.net 

My treasure hunting philosophy is simple, its not how much ground you cover, its how you cover the ground, on the beach or inside the water. 
Check out my beach hunting books and merch page and see what it is possible to find with a metal detector on my treasure and jewelry pages. 

Take it from the metal detecting ninja, its there you just have to know where to look and how to put your search coil over it!  

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